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Bromley is a huge residential borough, the managerial base of the London Borough of Bromley in Greater London, It has grown to be one of the few provincially important business and trade regions away from central London and become a constituent of Greater London since 1965. Its population is estimated to be 71,983 approximately.



Bromley taxis by Amber cars, is an independent supreme cab employing organization. We greet you with open arms to come and make use of our exceptionally unique and most perfect services in town which are best suited as per your needs. Our online server is extremely systematic and quick enough to get your work done immediately for online reservations. To get an offer or book a taxi, simply click on the booking or special prices tab of our website and go through the procedures mentioned to get an immediate offer on the screen to save your time.


We guarantee you that Bromley miniTaxis service is the most ideal and outstanding choice for you to enjoy travelling trips and have the most memorable experience with our services. Our customer feedback is always valued and appreciated whenever given and attending to our customer’s problems has always been our foremost objective. Therefore, if you are of the view that there is anything that you can tell Harlow taxis about our services or anything that should be brought to our attention, we would be honoured to get a feedback from you as we want to ensure the best services for our customers and the experience that they have had with us. Your valued reviews on Harlow taxis would help our services to improve and make them even better for you in the near future. Our taxis consist of different types of cars which include BMW, Mercedes Benz, people carriers and mini vans. All our taxis are ensured to be perfectly neat and all are drivers are always ready to help. They are known to be perfect as they are certified by the DBS. Therefore, they know the area very well and you do not need to stress about getting misplaced when we are with you.


As soon as we get a call from you, we get hired to serve you immediately. , If you require facilities for a short period of time or for faraway journeys, we have all the facilities that you need to make your trip a memorable one with us. With complete security, our drivers will pick or drop you to your required location on the exact right moment. You can also employ us by booking our cars for independent services if you do not want our driver to serve you.


We have made an effort to our level best to make certain that we can fulfil all your demands with our offers and services and enable you to have the most pleasant and relaxing trip ever. For any questions, you can drop by our office anytime during the office hours for further details or contact us at our given number for any information. 


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